Why did I join Mary Kay? My family.


I am married to my High School sweetheart, Kelly Christen, and we have three beautiful children together, Robyn, Walter, and Beatrice! 


Even as a young girl I always wanted to be a stay-at-home mother. My mom stayed home with all six of us, and even took the time to homeschool while dad was at work. It was awesome! Growing up in a close-knit family taught me the importance of being kind and honest. My parents instilled in me confidence and bravery. In my mind there was nothing I couldn't do, and I was going to make a huge impact on this world. 

When I was a freshman, I transitioned from homeschooling to our inner city high school. Being in that environment for four years definitely changed me. After graduation, I became a much more practical person. My dreams of changing the world and experiencing all that life had to offer became "childhood nonsense." I began my college education as was expected, but had no real desire to pursue a specific career. I married Kelly, and with the news of our first child, I decided to leave school and work as many hours as I could to save up money for the upcoming expenses. Having my daughter changed everything. I took two months of maternity leave, but was forced to go back to work to help pay our minimal bills. I cried most days on the way to work missing my little girl. It wasn't what I had planned.

 It didn’t take me long to realize that I could not work. After only a couple months, I came back home to be with Robyn as a full-time mom. Even though my husband still had five semesters left of college to earn his accounting degree, he worked a night shift from 2am to 9am, and spent his days as a full-time student. He did this for almost three years because we both valued me being home with Robyn, even though it meant we sacrificed having many other things. When we found out I was pregnant with Walter, we were thrilled! However, the bills were barely being paid, and we knew we had to find a bigger place to live.


 Just after buying our first home, and three short weeks after Walter’s homebirth, I had a bunch of my girlfriends over for a Mary Kay party. My sister had become a consultant and I wanted to help her out, but the real reason I booked that party was to have some time with adults! That night was a blast! I loved the products. My sister’s director had come to my party to assist and train her. As she told her story, I began to feel a small stirring in my gut. There she was looking gorgeous, pampering women, having fun, and making an amazing income for her family! The most exciting part was that she was able to work when SHE wanted, and attend her children’s activities. I thought, "Maybe this could help my family without me having to leave home!"


 Only 3 days later,  after begging my husband to let me “take a whack at it,” I joined Mary Kay. It was a Sunday morning in April, and suddenly I felt an overwhelming sense of hope and excitement! I had no idea the huge impact that decision would have, not only on my family, but on the unit members I have today.  

Slowly, I began picking up all of the dreams that I had once had as a young girl. In less than three months, my husband quit his job because I was making four times his income, working less than half the amount of hours he put in! I earned my first Mary Kay car that month as well! Our children were able to actually spend time with their father and mother! I became a Mary Kay independent sales director less than four months after ordering my business kit. I also earned a cruise to the Bahamas! Mary Kay changed my life in more ways than one.


It is hard to put into worlds the self-growth that has taken place over such a short amount of time. Once again I feel like I can accomplish anything. The people that make up the Pink Passion Unit are incredible! I want to teach other women to never limit their dreams and to open their eyes to beautiful possibilities. Out of habit, we settle everyday without realizing it, but it is my deepest desire to show women that they are capable of waking up that sleeping giant within them.

© 2014-2018 by Kristen Christen..

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